Management Services

This company provided consultancy services for North West European textile companies wishing to find manufacturing capacity in the Baltic countries. Muridae also provided assistance with the start up and management support for Manufacturing facilities in the Baltic states.

As a result of my consultancy work I have travelled very frequently to Lithuania. I am now in the process of retiring but would still be prepared to provide advice on the occasional project in Lithuania, where I still have a network of business contacts and friends.

In the last few years Muridae  has helped to establish manufacturing links for a number of Scandinavian companies such as:

Sverre W. Monsen a/s of Bergen Norway
Neo fabrikker a/s of Bergen Norway
A.S. SAFA - Samnanger Fabrikker , Tysse, Norway

The general Manager and owner of Muridae is Tjalco P. van der Meij. (click for more personal information.)

Address info:

phone:         +31-114851864
GSM:          +31-650253605
address:       Groenendijk 106
                    4587 CZ Kloosterzande
                    The Netherlands

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